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sometimes, asses need to be kicked

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You have heard, by now, about the 13-year-old rape victim who performed an abortion with a pencil after being impregnated by her 30-year-old rapist. (Source.) This is enough for me to want to go out and kick some puppies; the rapist admits to having raped her “countless times.”
My heart is absolutely broken for this girl. I can’t imagine the sort of pain she’s in right now.
Apparently, neither can the fucking commenters on the news post. Nor do they care. I won’t repeat them here, I don’t want that filth on my blog. Twisty does a good job documenting and dissecting the kind of shit that’s being said; shit like she should be charged with… I don’t even know what. Last I checked, being raped wasn’t a crime. Having an abortion, also not a crime. In the court of public opinion, this girl is just as guilty as this rapist bastard, maybe more.
I didn’t quite believe Twisty until I clicked the links and read the comments for myself. They’re for real. I could not make this shit up, people!
None of those people posting those comments deserve even the molecules the universe wasted on their mere existence, let alone the air that they breathe.


Written by Fangirl

June 12, 2010 at 10:05 am