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Tonight on Twitter, my friend R posted a link to this gem (and by “gem,” I mean “piece of unadulterated asshattery.”) I mean, was the racist text really necessary? No, no it wasn’t and it never is (and if your “joke” relies on racism, or any other *ism, it’s not funny in the first place). “If you can’t see this, squint your eyes” would have been perfectly appropriate, non-racist instructions to see the hidden image. It doesn’t require taking a stand or fighting back against oppression, it just requires not being a douchebag.

This got me me thinking about Some of the articles they post, like this one on 7 People Who Cheated Death, are actually really interesting. I mean, these people survived some amazing things, often because they were fucking determined not to die, but their awesomeness can and should be admired without associating their awesome escapes from death’s clutches with masculinity.

Alexis Goggins, #1 on their list, took six bullets at point blank rage… to protect her mother. She was six years old at the time. You have to admire that sort of badassery, but do we have to compliment her by saying she’s “more man than we’ll ever be”? Uh, no.

We could say “holy shit I hope I am half as cool as her when I grow up” or “she gave Death a serious ass kicking and the finger” or any of a number of other colloquial, profanity laden compliments that don’t erase her gender and replace it with the apparently more “superior” masculinity.

Girls don’t get shot six times to protect their loved ones; men do.

To hell with that.

The saddest thing is how much of the internet (and fandom as a whole) ruins the experience with extraneous asshattery. We can be loud and profane without being offensive. It involves choosing our words a little more carefully, but we can do it, and we should, because it’s the right thing to do.

(I am on a roll tonight…)


Written by Fangirl

February 28, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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